I just love walking through this amazing food street. It is indeed a one place destination for foodies who would love to experience different types of cuisine. This is undoubtedly the perfect place to hangout after a hectic day at office or a place to hangout with your buddies after college. From budget friendly to fancy dinning you have everything over here.  We tried five restaurants , each of different cuisine and we absolutely loved the experience. 


well let’s start off with some Chinese , a red Chinese themed interior with some Chinese signed posters on wall gives you a shaolin feel. We ordered just two from the menu , for the starters we ordered a chicken lollipop and for the main course we ordered a schezwan chicken noodles . The chicken lollipop was fried to perfection and then tossed in the Chinese sauce which was not sweet and at the same time wasn’t too spicy but just perfect. The schezwan Noodles was so soft and wasn’t oliy at all , this was one of the best schezwan noodles I’ve had in recent times . This restaurant is a must visit for all those who loves Chinese. 




Ever tried turkey , or Ever thought of trying a turkey biriyani ? If yes then try Turkey, I mean head to try Turkey to try your first ever turkey meat . We went for the turkey biriyani and the rice was pretty basic like every other biriyani but what’s special about it is the meat in it . The turkey meat tastes somewhere between a chicken and a mutton but as I love both the meats I loved it . The biriyani is served along with a sweet of the day. Wanna try Turkey or planning to eat something new then head to try Turkey. 



How could a food street not have a shawarma joint. This particular shawarma kiosk has about 20 varieties. Thought of trying something new so  i went for the peri peri style shawarma , a regular special shawarma but what’s new or should I call it a twist in it was the peri peri flavoured fries in it . Never knew shawarma wiht fries in would taste good . Do try their whole chicken shawarma which is completely filled with chicken and not veggies and also added with some grilled chicken in it . 
We were already full but looking them make the cheese corn canopies made us loosen up our belly a little bit and made us try it. I can’t even call it one of the best , I definitely call it the best cheese corn canopies I’ve ever tried. The canopies was so crunchy and I guess that’s the reason it’s so good . Will definitely visit them again to try their delicious thandai and again for the cheese canopies. 
Decided to end our walk in the foodstreet with a sweet note , so saw the bright red banner and decided to step in .  And for the chaat and sweet cravings this is the place cuz they have wide range of Bengali sweets and different types of chaat. We decided to try a different type of chaat called pav bhaji fry which was more like pav cooked in the bhaji . If my stomach wasn’t full I would have definitely tried every sweet they had .