As a non-vegetarian, chances are close to nil that you haven’t tried a shawarma. That being said, there aren’t a lot of joints in the city that serve you a decent shawarma.Loaded with shredded meat in mayo sauce and topped with french fries, veggies and
pickles, one may think, “What can possibly go wrong with that?” A shawarma-holic would say, “A lot of things” or “Everything”. Cause it’s all in the meat and about the meat.

Date Palm serves a four different varieties of shawarmas in two forms; the roll and the plate. You can go for the regular shawarmas, the Bahrain shawarma (seasoned with middle eastern spices), the spicy shawarma (seasoned with red chilies), or the Date Palm Special shawarma, which is a meat-only shawarma. The former three come in both the plate and roll forms, while the special shawarma is served on a plate.

The Date Palm shawarmas are quite good, in that the meat is cooked and topped just the right amount, making it a thoroughly delectable affair. Most other shawarma joints get the only few things needed entirely wrong, and ruining the whole experience. The spicy plate shawarmas we got were neatly divided into four portions and served with a generous amount of mayonnaise and salted veggie slices.

Next up on the order list was the al faham pepper chicken steak, which is an Arabian-inspired preparation that Indians better know as charcoal grilled chicken. Although it took quite a long time to prepare, the wait was worth it; succulent, well marinated boneless chicken pieces served with mint chutney and sliced onions. However, the name steak doesn’t quite fit the bill, when you are seated there, expecting something remotely akin to a steak, if not the whole slab of meat.


Chef’s Expert Tip: Once you’re done with your fill (or even before your meal), head over to Date Palm’s own Beverly Juice Village next door, for desserts; juices, milkshakes and fruit salads. Their signature would be the “Mega Glass” fresh fruit juices that can easily serve anywhere around 4-6 people… in one single sitting. Imagine that!