Have you ever dreamt of having all kind of delicacies around you , without having to travel ? Well , your dream has come true !

OMR food street has become the recent cheery place of most with a wide range of eateries gathered in unison .

With a grand opening in Ambatur , it has become the talk of the city and is undoubtedly the charm of foodies.

A quick walkthrough

We had the pleasure of dining in some of the exceptional outlets in the foodstreet.


There is no finger food that can give the glee that fries can ! Looking for crazy loaded freshly made fries ? Mad fries has got your back !

With issues going on about frozen/precooked food being a threat to health , they have made the idea of freshly cut and fried potatoes a triumph ! Plus , you also get to choose your garnishes , fresh veggies and sauces . How cool is it that they make their sauces in the house ? Plus , they are also running stupefying offers and combos in this particular branch !

They have also introduced amazing lush cheesy shots and crispy wedges !

Jalapeno cheesy shots :

Who knew mug cakes can be this big a deal ? The innovation of baking fudgy gooey brownies in mugs and serving it with a scoop of creamy icecream was fantastic !

The mugs have heart-warming captions. Yes they do . ☺

It’s atho-o-clock :

Atho , a food of Burmese origin ; a famous Street food in India is basically a egg noodle dish .
This one from star burma hotel was toothsome and I loved how they have found a healthy way to prepare atho by replacing the basic ingredient maida with rice flour. Mixed with homemade mild masalas and loads of coriander leaves , this delicious atho was served hot .


THE BAGEL POT has introduced the classy bagels to chennai .! A jewish dish , traditionally shaped by hand into the form of a ring from yeasted wheat dough, roughly hand-sized, that is first boiled for a short time in water and then baked is something that you can’t refuse . The chocolate marshmallow melt bagel that we ordered had a dense, chewy, doughy interior with a browned and crisp exterior , topped with soft marshmallows that sets you right off to heaven !

The house also serves amazing wheat pastas and wheat brownies ! Watch out , you fitness freaks !


Amul , the unbeatable icecream producers have updated to the concept of cold stone ice-creams , at extremely reasonable prices !

Being served the specialities from the house , the flavours were quite impressive . ‘The chocolate dream’ and ‘the litchi pineapple melody’ were perfect stone creations .

They have also added another exciting dessert to their menu – ICECREAM CAKES !

Their Oreo crunch icecream cake was scrummy to bits . Being freshly made with quality cream and base , you won’t regret the calories !

It was just perfect to end the course with a sweet note from one of the best icecream destinations .

With the craziness that OMR foodstreet has introduced , you can eat all day long and you’d still find another eatery to hog in ! ☺




Aarthee SChennai