Kebab Kingdom rules it all

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OMR Food Street is a confluence of food joints serving a variety of delectables that can be categorized into three main groups. The regular starters, main course and dessert stand at the top, followed by vegetarian and non-vegetarian food, and the type of cuisines (Mexican, Italian, North Indian, etc.) at the far end. A one-stop-shop for [...]

Foodgram Chronicles Chapter1

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foodiestreetjournal When you feel to drop by to OMR food street in Injibakkam, make sure you try out these pizza cones from Cone fusion. Pretty much a pizza wrapped into a cone preserving the taste ??. . . This is Mexicano Pizza cone. Rating – 3.5/5 Price around Rs.100 for one come on an average.. foodiestreetjournal [...]

The food street experience

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Happening and exciting are certainly two adjectives anybody would use to describe the OMR food street in Thoraipakkam, an agglomeration of various street food vendors aligned in the pattern of a street, where one can treat themselves to quick bites from a vast array of cuisines. Although eclipsed by the much larger and recent OMR food [...]

All you can have under 100 bucks at OMR Food Street

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For most people nowadays, having a decent meal under 100 bucks has become somewhat of an impossible proposition. You can forget about having an entire meal and probably just focus on a single food item. But will it fill you up and give you the satisfaction of downing an entire meal? Probably not. Here’s how you [...]

Jil Jil Jigarthanda

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I still couldn’t believe I visited this famous Jigarthanda at Omr Food Street, Thoraipakkam. Jigarthanda is an super yummy cool drinks packed with all the recepies of pisin,badam ,Nannari sarbath and milk. The Jigarthanda team refers to “a drink that cools the heat”.I tasted this drink very recently at Omr Food Street Thoraipakkam and Twice at [...]

Interior Decor

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If you’ve ever been to any of the OMR Food Streets, we would label you a good observer if you had noticed the fact that when you stand at the entrance, all the outlets to the left are typically outdoor, street food stalls and the ones to the right are restaurants or indoor spaces. This was [...]

Malabar Biriyani at ‘Aromas of Thalassery’

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Where does one head to if he/she wishes to have a heartwarming and fulfilling plate of Kerala-style biriyani. Look no further than ‘Aromas of Thalassery’ located at a couple of the OMR Food Streets (Thoraipakkam, Medavakkam, Perumbakkam). What can you find here? Simply put, the holy grail of Malabar biriyanis. The region is known for its [...]

Why is OMR Foodstreet the favourite destination for Children?

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In all my blogs about the OMR Food street, I would have mentioned the word “variety” at least once. It can be called as the USP of the OMR Food street. Variety is something that is abundant at OMR Food street. What attracts kids and children more? As soon as they enter the OMR Food street, [...]

Children’s Day Out – OMR Food Street, ECR

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If someone tells you that they can take you back to being little children once again, most of us would be totally elated to go back to that time and place. It’s because the best and the most cheerful of our memories were created when we were kids. Little things made us feel like on top [...]

Bob’s BBQ on the News

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BBQ on Wheels! BBQ on Bullet! BBQ on Bike! Call it all of that and more, and it fits the bill, like skewers on grill ;) A custom made side car on a sturdy Royal Enfield bike. The side car is actually a coal BBQ grill, food and props storage space and much more. Serving the [...]