In all my blogs about the OMR Food street, I would have mentioned the word “variety” at least once. It can be called as the USP of the OMR Food street. Variety is something that is abundant at OMR Food street. What attracts kids and children more? As soon as they enter the OMR Food street, they get to see options open for them in all fronts. To be honest, it can be a bit of a nightmare for the parents to satisfy children in a place like OMR Food street. Although, not a nightmare that wakes you up night, but the ones that we’d want to have often cause of the fun and experience.

Children get to enjoy the experience so much because, they get to eat at various restaurants in a single visit. For instance, they can start off with a starter form an outlet like Star Burma, then go on to finish the main course at restaurant like Thalasery Camboose and finish their desserts at an outlet like Curtney’s with a cupcake. Since most of the options are also pocket friendly, even the parents enjoy with the children. This is just one example that I had observed that a family followed during one of my visit to the OMR Foodstreet. There are many options available at OMR Food street like Curtney’s, which is famous for their phenomenal Cupcakes, the Madurai famous Original Jigardhanda shop which is famous for the jigardhandas that has now become a Signature feature of Madurai etc, which are very much attractive to kids. Not just variety or pocket friendly, but also it is a family friendly campus. Right from the securities of the campus to friendly natured stall owners and servers, the OMR Food street campus is not just family friendly, but also children friendly.