The Variety of ages

From ancient times, people have always been fascinated by varieties. Psychologically, people always feel happy to have choices and the privilege to choose. That Variety is the unique selling point of OMR Food street. But then, the variety of what? Variety of food? variety of cuisines or variety of experiences? The answer in its simplicity and elegance is that it is “the variety of varieties”. It is like a child getting lost in the overwhelming choices and his/her mind blown away in the sheer amount of variety. In this blog series, I will try to explain about the variety of varieties. The first time that I visited the OMR Food street, it was for a treat. I was mesmerised by such an establishment in Chennai where we can eat all cuisines in all price range in a single place. I was genuinely lost in the variety of choices (which is a variety for next week), hence I didn’t realise many aspects in my first visit. It was when I went to hang out there alone, I noticed simple things which wooed me.
In a single evening, if we order a cup of tea and sit in a chair and observe, we can see that there are people from every age group, come in and experience and enjoy their evenings. Starting from a grandfather and his grandchildren learning things and experiencing various food together, a father enjoying with his kids and his family, college or school friends eating treats teasing each other to the employees from various companies hang out with colleagues relaxing and destressing, OMR Food street acts as a place where people from all the age groups hang out and spend the evening and eat the food. What is the reason that attracts people from all age groups? The reason is another variety. I know it sounds quirky, but hang on and read forward. the reason is variety of choices. Since there are plenty of food dishes and cuisines available in OMR Food street, everyone’s favourite is available in a single premise, may it be a pizza for a kid or a pastry for a teenage girl or idly sambhar for a grandfather.
In short, in my experience, OMR Food street is a place that caters to people of all ages. A place which woos people in its own way, the food street way.