Choices are an integral part of our lives. We make choices every day, in fact ever minute of our lives. Some choices are trivial like what channel to watch on television and some choices are much more critical and important like taking a job or switching a career. No matter the impact of the choices, there is a happiness or satisfaction attached to it, which is the privilege to make choices.

When we have same option of choices in the food, we’ll feel delighted inside, may it be our home or a restaurant. What if we go to a restaurant and get the options of choices not just in having different cuisines of food but also in terms of different types of restaurant? What if we go to a restaurant and get an option of choices in terms of the budget? That’s what we get at OMR FoodStreet. We get the option of choices in terms of cuisines, types of restaurants, restaurants of different budgets etc. These choices that we get in OMR FoodStreet sometimes overwhelms us with its sheer numbers.

What makes OMR Foodstreet an ideal place for friends hangouts or Treats? One of the main reason for this question is the option of choices. Last time when I visited OMR foodstreet at Thoraipakkam, I saw a group of around ten friends who came together for one of the guy’s treat. they were talking amongst themselves for a few minutes and went on to different restaurants in smaller groups, got the food and regrouped outside at the common adjacent tables. They had the food together, shared the food and had fun making fun of each other and went for another round. The smaller groups were shuffled and went to different restaurants and got desserts and snacks and regrouped again, had fun and went on their merry way. Will this be possible on any normal restaurant? No. I agree the experience will be a different kind of fun at a traditional restaurant. But the experience as explained above has the choices and the experience is more fun. At least in my perception, it is more fun to hangout with friends in a place which has more choices than at a traditional restaurant. This is just one example. What will intrigue a kid more? Sitting at a restaurant with a menu at hand or a place where he/she can run around choosing what to eat? All the kids that I know would choose the latter. I can explain many such examples here.

In a nutshell, the sheer number of choices has always fascinated me and my buddies. Visit OMR FoodStreet once to experience the abundance of choices.