The Variety of Choices

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    Choices are an integral part of our lives. We make choices every day, in fact ever minute of our lives. Some choices are trivial like what channel to watch on television and some choices are [...]

    Bob’s BBQ on the News

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    BBQ on Wheels! BBQ on Bullet! BBQ on Bike! Call it all of that and more, and it fits the bill, like skewers on grill 😉 A custom made side car on a sturdy Royal [...]

    The Variety of the varieties

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    The Variety of ages From ancient times, people have always been fascinated by varieties. Psychologically, people always feel happy to have choices and the privilege to choose. That Variety is the unique selling point of [...]

    Food Street Culture

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    Street food has always been an integral part of Chennai’s culture over the years. The term ’kaiyendhi bhavan’ was coined for the umpteen street food joints that served right-out-of-the-pan delicacies across Chennai. If the city [...]