Food Trails of Food Street

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    1.Chukka Biryani from Pepphot Biryani. 😋 What's better than Biryani to start with? Biryani is something I would always crave for and I happened to try this Chukka Biryani which is one of it's kind. [...]

    Scarlet’s Cafe De Burger

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    Chennai is home to umpteen burger joints that individuals can treat themselves to; McDonalds, Burger King, Cheesy Juicy Burgers and the like. Although each of them have their signature burger offerings, it doesn’t quite come [...]

    Waffle Mania at Waffkinz

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    OMR Food Street is home to a bevy of food joints of varying kinds; the street food joints and the restaurant outlets, the usual starters, main course & desserts along with cuisines like North Indian, [...]

    Meaty Treats at Date Palm

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    As a non-vegetarian, chances are close to nil that you haven’t tried a shawarma. That being said, there aren’t a lot of joints in the city that serve you a decent shawarma.Loaded with shredded meat [...]