Where does one head to if he/she wishes to have a heartwarming and fulfilling plate of Kerala-style biriyani. Look no further than ‘Aromas of Thalassery’ located at a couple of the OMR Food Streets (Thoraipakkam, Medavakkam, Perumbakkam). What can you find here? Simply put, the holy grail of Malabar biriyanis. The region is known for its three distinct styles of biriyani, namely the Kozhikodan biriyani (Calicut), Kannur biriyani (Cannanore) and the Thalassery biriyani. When you find yourself here, look no further, delay no further. Keep calm and order a plate of the Thalassery biriyani. You should also go for a variety of authentic Malabar style meat bites, like the Kerala-style chicken fry; a succulent treat marinated in a concoction of rich, zingy spices and fried to perfection.

Chef’s Expert Tip: Make sure you don’t dig into the biriyani, right off the plate. Malabar biriyanis are plated in a peculiar manner, which requires you to mix the biriyani well before indulging in it. The masala used in the biriyani is concentrated at the centre of the plate with the rice being heaped on top with the use of a bowl. So unless you mix the two well, you’ll be gobbling down either the less tasty rice or the spice-rich masala. One can’t help but notice the distinct taste of crispy, ghee-fried onions; usually garnished on top of the rice. A staple in each one of the three styles of Malabar biriyani, they tend to linger in your palate, long after you are done with your meal. To put it plainly, it’s the masala that lends much of the taste and aroma to the Thalassery biriyani, more than anything. The chicken in the biriyani is cooked along with this concoction to give it a signature taste that melds with the taste of the equally concentrated, masala-infused rice. It’s so good you can literally lick the excess ‘masala goodness’ off your fingers after downing an entire ‘heaven-on-a-plate’.