Thalassery CambooseReach out to Kerala food at Thalassery with their mouthwatering dishes made in coconut oil served at very affordable prices. Being a highly non-vegetarian serving place, the veg delicacy here included a rice puttu accompanied by hot spicy kadalai and kappa out of tapioca served hot. Not to forget their special tea! Other specialties included biriyani’s and typical kerala dishes from Nirachathu to fish fry. They definitely possess the flower of good sense.

Keep your friends close and food closer. Located at five different happening places, this place serves true love for foodies with their assorted food stalls. Restaurants with indoor & outdoor seating’s, cashless counters with debit cards and Paytm at most of the places, A to Z cuisines at affordable prices, attractive events happening time to time, striking decors and the list goes on when considering the forte of this place. Reach out to the street by bike or car just to park them easy.

Let me walk through my experience of “food”ing here.

Cone Fusion

Welcome to their world of cone pizza. They give a soul to recipe with their fusion food. The same would cost us couple of hundreds more if done outside this place. Pizza toppings served within a conical base is what they make here. Notable it will be when one prefers a dessert with the same combo’. One definitely becomes ConFused at ConeFusion with their wide choices available.


A cupcake is happiness with icing on top. Curtnny’s serve one among the best cupcakes in the city. The people here are too sweet too to serve the desserts. They also sell cookies, muffins and mousse. One can celebrate a moment here with their fresh cream cakes kept ready. One’s food becomes complete with their dessert.
Cheers to the whole team pulling this place together. Bringing in attractive food at affordable price isn’t something everyone can achieve. Let us also take the same efforts in enlightening our taste buds with our purses not crying!