For a person revisiting OMR Food Street, the Injambakkam Food Street is chock full of mini surprises. A row of new food outlets dot a couple of already recognizable ones like Tibbs Frankie and the anchor outlet, Ajanabi. Being one of those work visits isn’t the easiest to handle at a place like OMR Food Street. It was exactly that until our job was done and we decided to head into Namma Chettinad, to get over two hours of nibbling at our temptations.

Tucked away and invisible from out front, one has to get to the end of the OMR Food Street to visit Namma Chettinad. The interiors of the outlet are quite plain, with only the wooden tables serving to catch your eye.

We ordered three dishes in total; a chicken kari dosa, a prawn parottizza and an egg veechu parotta. The element that was common and fit the bill for all three dishes was the spicy chicken gravy or kuruma that came with the dosa and parotta.

The Chicken Kari Dosa is essentially a kal dosa (like an oothapam) with cooked chicken layered atop in an almost seamless manner. By the looks of it, one would assume there isn’t any meat to chew on, which isn’t the case. The little chunks of spicy cooked chicken keep your taste buds rooting for more, along with the magic that is the kuruma.

The Prawn Parotizza is exactly what it sounds like… prawns, parotta and pizza, with the only exception that the prawns taste unlike any other preparation I’ve tried, although in small quantity. They were cooked with masalas or spices to an extent it looses its signature, seafood taste. Topped with cheese and cut into four slices to put the pizza in parotizza, Namma Chettinad brings an interesting note to a food item that’s most common to Chennai.

The Egg Veechu Parotta is a simpler variety, which isn’t as layered, but spread out and cooked with eggs, to form a thinner version of the parotta. Served with raita and chicken kuruma, the egg veechu definitely packs more of a punch than its counterpart. We walked out of Namma Chettinad having eaten our fill, content as ever and hoping to return back sometime to savor and experience food, the Chettinad style.