I still couldn’t believe I visited this famous Jigarthanda at Omr Food Street, Thoraipakkam. Jigarthanda is an super yummy cool drinks packed with all the recepies of pisin,badam ,Nannari sarbath and milk. The Jigarthanda team refers to “a drink that cools the heat”.I tasted this drink very recently at Omr Food Street Thoraipakkam and Twice at Omr Food Street , Guduvanchery.

Last year when my fellow bloggers shared Jigarthanda recipe,I got tempted to try it up.So I decided to give this a shot and found this recipe from Omr Food Street authentic Famous Madurai Jigarthanda. So I followed by fellow bollger & had Jigarthanda from OMR Food Street Thoraipakkam except Nannari sarbath/Sarsaparilla syrup.First I had badam pisin/almond gum and Nannari sarbath.

Then I collected all the other receipt and made it in my own pace Tongue. soaking Badam pisin and to make reduced milk Doh.So I have suggested an easy method of making Bhai ice cream using store bought vanilla ice cream.Hope it would work.

One thing I should admit here.So I added little caramelized sugar in reduced milk and a pinch of orange food color in ice cream.I am not sure whether food color is added in the authentic recipe,but I became very happy & satisfied when my Jigarthanda looked and tasted very similar to the ones I had Peace Sign.What do u say friends,Isn’t it looking similar to the Madurai ones..