Street food has always been an integral part of Chennai’s culture over the years. The term ’kaiyendhi bhavan’ was coined for the umpteen street food joints that served right-out-of-the-pan delicacies across Chennai. If the city is known for something the most, it has got to be the street food; get out of your home or workplace and you’ll find one right outside or in the vicinity.

OMR Food Street popularized it further by giving the city folk a hub to converge, purely for street food. It has gone to the extent that a new culture — the food street culture — is emerging off late. Unique to OMR Food Street, this culture is slowly beginning to shape the mindsets of Chennaites, one outlet at a time. Following are the ways ‘food street culture’ is shaping the minds and hearts of city folk:

A Casual Outing: Families and friends now have a go-to place, where they can experience a variety of different cuisines, without fussing over the choice of restaurants. OMR Food Street has become a spot where kids, youngsters and adults can spend quality time over a meal.

A Treaty Affair: What are school and college days without the customary ‘treats’. It’s a known fact that friends don’t require a lot of reasons to give their friends a satisfactory, belly-rubbing treat. It just sort of happens. OMR Food Street is chock full of such sweet treats.

An Occasion Magnet: People have various occasions to celebrate in life (with food on the sidelines), be it birthdays, get togethers, weddings and anniversaries or the first salary, the first vehicle, and a lot of other firsts, OMR Food Street is a one-stop-shop for all those wonderful moments in life.

An Infusion of Variety: Feel like trying out some new food? OMR Food Street has got your back. With street food outlets on one side and restaurants on the other, there are a lot of cuisines to choose from, in order to satisfy your cravings.

A Culture Like None: With four fully functioning outlets and three outlets on the way, OMR Food Street has captured the mind-space of a whole generation, like no other establishment has, in the history of this illustrious city.

What are you waiting for? Come and experience the ultimate ‘food street culture’ only at Chennai’s (yearlong) food carnival, and don’t forget to bring your family or friends along for an even better time.