OMR Food Street Navalur, the largest of the food streets, is nothing less than a sea of food experiences waiting to be discovered at the IT corridor of a modern metropolis. One such experience, Mexicano, is a breath of fresh air by all means. Right from their decked out, Mexican-influenced interiors, plush with artworks, antique guns and hats to all their food offerings, one will surely experience a feeling akin to visiting the land of the cowboys.

Mexicana – Interiors

Dining out at Mexicana, one can notice how common tortilla’s are to Mexican cuisine. A lot of their dishes have tortillas in some form or the other; tortilla chips for the nachos, tortilla shells for the tacos and tortilla bread for the burritos and quesadillas. The highlight at Mexicano is the fact that all their tortillas are prepared from scratch, inhouse, using ‘masa’ or maize corn flour, a staple ingredient for whipping up the real deal in Latin American countries.

Combos Ordered
Combo 1: Chicken Nachos + Chicken Burrito + Mojito
Combo 2: Fish Nachos + Fish Quesadilla + Fresh Strawberry Ice-cream Swirls

Loaded with the right balance of meat, veggies and toppings, the chicken and fish nachos are quite the starters to get you going, Mexican-style. They don’t fill you up and hit the spot at just the right amounts to keep you craving for more. The chicken burrito roll is chock full of meaty and veggie goodness with their signature sauce infusing a distinct flavor to the dish. The fish quesadilla is a flatter version prepared with a variety of fish called paarai, but with a more pronounced flavor than the chicken burrito.

Chicken Nachos, Chicken Burrito & Fish Quesadilla

The nachos, tacos, burritos and quesadillas are complemented by two varieties of dips; a tomato salsa sauce and guacamole, which is prepared using avocados. The salsa dip is spicy and tomatoey in nature while the avocado dip lends a mildly sweet and bitter flavor that goes absolutely well with all the dishes.

As for a drink, the mojito helps you cleanse your palette (after each bite, if you wish) and whet your appetite to a great extent. Mojitos are concoctions prepared using a variety of herbs such as mint, celery, cilantro and lime juice along with a hint of ginger

Chef’s Expert Tip: For dessert, go for the fresh fruit ice cream swirls, as opposed to the regular, flavored cold stone ice cream. Made with fresh fruits like strawberries and pulp for fruits like bananas, guava and jackfruit, the preparation of these ice cream swirls are an absolute delight to look at; an art in itself. Devoid of excessive sweetness and artificial flavoring, the fresh fruit ice cream swirls are nothing short of a sweet treat after a sumptuous meal.

Fresh Strawberry Ice-cream Swirls

The surprise at Mexicano dawned on us soon after we were done feasting on two combo meals, consisting of four dishes, a drink and a dessert — it doesn’t make you feel bloated — so much so that we had space for one more serving of burrito or
quesadilla. Bravo to that!