If someone tells you that they can take you back to being little children once again, most of us would be totally elated to go back to that time and place. It’s because the best and the most cheerful of our memories were created when we were kids. Little things made us feel like on top of the world. As grown ups when we talk to children it reminds us of what we’re missing. Bringing back those memories is not that tough though. For that we need to spend time with kids, as kids, doing what kids do best – have fun! At OMR Food Street, we did just that this past weekend.

Children’s Day Out event held on 18th and 19th of November 2017 at OMR Food Street, ECR, was a huge hit among kids and grown-ups alike. Simple theme, wholesome fun, awesome food – can’t ask for more now, can we!

Games, Balloons, Fun

OMR Food Street, which has been a complete family outing destination, sees the young and the old visit the outlets and have quality food and quality family time. So we brought about a way to bundle kids, fun, food and family into one exciting event.

All the kids who entered OMR Food Street, ECR were greeted with balloons and chocolates. The kids were then invited to play a game of memory puzzle. 30 seconds to find 5 matching animal parent-offspring pairs and anyone who could do it won exclusive offers from the outlets at OMR Food Street, ECR, that they could avail right away.

Offers for Winners

Offers from outlets were ranging upto 50% on yummy items from 9 different outlets.
1.Hot Dosai – 50% off on Kids Corner Menu (Except Veg Cutlet and Paneer Cutlet).
2.Curtnnys Cakes – 50% off on all cupcakes.
3.Zuki & Co – 30% off on Stick Waffles .
4.Star Burma – 15% off On Veg Atho.
5.Hunger Square -10% off On Overall Billing.
6.Cone Fusion – 50% off On Fruito Cone or Triple Choco Cone.
7.Meet & Eat – 15% off On Kiddy Veg Burger, Kiddy Chicken Burger, Little Dia Burger Combos.
8.High Ball – 30% Off on all Desserts.
9.Long Live Pizza – 50% off on any 1 large Pizza

Over 40 families grabbed these offers on both days, enjoying delish dishes with their young ones. OMR Food Street wore a happy atmosphere with green balloons, kids playing, parents chiming in – the food street way!