For most people nowadays, having a decent meal under 100 bucks has become somewhat of an impossible proposition. You can forget about having an entire meal and probably just focus on a single food item. But will it fill you up and give you the satisfaction of downing an entire meal? Probably not. Here’s how you can do traditional South Indian food, OMR Food Street-style.

Starter: Plantain Soup at Star Burma Hotel — Rs.20
There can be no healthier a soup than the plantain soup from Star Burma Hotel. Essentially made with the banana plant’s stem, the soup is quite appetizing and healthy when compared to the regular ones, considering the fibrous nature of the banana stem. Just slurp and go!

Main Course: Appam Kuruma / Coconut Milk at Hot Dosa Restaurant — Rs.50
Nothing screams South Indian tiffin more than the food at the Hot Dosa Restaurant. Dig into a plate of hot Kerala-style appams with your own choice of spicy kuruma or sweet coconut milk. If you wish to turn things around a bit, you can also go for the idiyappam and kuruma or coconut milk combination; both the dishes letting you savor the tastes of Kerala.

Dessert/Drink: Badam Milk at Kumbakonam Filter Coffee — Rs.25
Grab a hot cup of badam milk to top the meal you just had. Known for their strong aromatic coffee, Kumbakonam Filter Coffee doesn’t let you down with their hot badam milk either.

These are just some of the dishes you can enjoy for under 100 bucks at OMF Food Street. The combinations are virtually never-ending if you are willing to experiment with various outlets at one shot, to craft your own sub-100-buck meal. If you happen to do so and come up with something truly awesome, do give us a shout out on our social media pages.