The food street experience

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    Happening and exciting are certainly two adjectives anybody would use to describe the OMR food street in Thoraipakkam, an agglomeration of various street food vendors aligned in the pattern of a street, where one can [...]

    All you can have under 100 bucks at OMR Food Street

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    For most people nowadays, having a decent meal under 100 bucks has become somewhat of an impossible proposition. You can forget about having an entire meal and probably just focus on a single food item. [...]

    Jil Jil Jigarthanda

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    I still couldn’t believe I visited this famous Jigarthanda at Omr Food Street, Thoraipakkam. Jigarthanda is an super yummy cool drinks packed with all the recepies of pisin,badam ,Nannari sarbath and milk. The Jigarthanda team [...]

    Interior Decor

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    If you’ve ever been to any of the OMR Food Streets, we would label you a good observer if you had noticed the fact that when you stand at the entrance, all the outlets to [...]