Food Trails of Food Street

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1.Chukka Biryani from Pepphot Biryani. 😋 What's better than Biryani to start with? Biryani is something I would always crave for and I happened to try this Chukka Biryani which is one of it's kind. Chukka is basically chicken or mutton meat which is diced into small cubes and roasted with a lot of masala and [...]

Scarlet’s Cafe De Burger

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Chennai is home to umpteen burger joints that individuals can treat themselves to; McDonalds, Burger King, Cheesy Juicy Burgers and the like. Although each of them have their signature burger offerings, it doesn’t quite come close to the buns and patties that are offered at Scarlet’s Cafe De Burger located at OMR Food Street, Navalur and [...]

Waffle Mania at Waffkinz

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OMR Food Street is home to a bevy of food joints of varying kinds; the street food joints and the restaurant outlets, the usual starters, main course & desserts along with cuisines like North Indian, Italian, American and the like. One such attraction for desserts would be Waffkinz at OMR Food Street, Kandanchavadi. Founded less than [...]

Meaty Treats at Date Palm

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As a non-vegetarian, chances are close to nil that you haven’t tried a shawarma. That being said, there aren’t a lot of joints in the city that serve you a decent shawarma.Loaded with shredded meat in mayo sauce and topped with french fries, veggies and pickles, one may think, “What can possibly go wrong with that?” [...]