OMR Food Street sees hundreds of people walk-in every day into its outlets in Thoraipakkam, Navalur, ECR, Perumbakkam and Guduvancheri. Every day thousands of plates of food are served or delivered to avid foodies from all over. But no matter how inviting the food is, no matter how gooey the cheesy crunchiness seems, the shutterbugs among us almost subconsciously pull out their fancy smartphones to shoot them funky pictures of the food on the table, as if it’s a ritual to be followed ever so religiously before fancying a bite. You touch the food, or even think about disturbing the presentation, even one garnish aside, then you’ve ruined the perfect picture for the shutterbugs.

OMR Food Street, being home to the best of world’s street food, the food street ambience, people and culture, is a treasure trove for the clickers. You’ll find as many variety of photographers as there are cuisines at OMR Food Street. Browsing through Instagram under the hashtag #omrfoodstreet reveals more than just food captured in its finest form. It reveals artists, hobbyists, comics, wanderers, geeks, thinkers and much more. Deep diving now to fish out some of the most common photographers you’ll find clicking at OMR Food Street.

1. The Spaceshooter – Always finds the big picture

2. The Diva – Always in trend.

3. The HDRer – Always High-Def

4. The Tempter – Always takes tempting food shots

5. The Classico – Always classy shots

6. The Food-Lord – Always ruling over food

7. The Groupfie Expert – Always a crowd-puller

8. The Food Traveler – Always on a quest for great cuisine

9. The Greyscaler – Always striking contrasts

10. The FoodBlogger – Always on point with Food

Have you spotted or know any of these ‘foodzarazzis’ from OMR Food Street? Share this with them. They’ll feel at home!